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Who We Are

The Dogwood City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has been serving the Atlanta community continuously since its founding in 1982. We are extremely proud of over 35 years of dedicated service to our local, national and international communities

On June 5, 1982, the Dogwood City Chapter of the Links, Incorporated was officially installed and began its philanthropic and volunteer commitments with twenty-four charter members. Dedicated to the purpose of promoting and engaging in educational, civic, and intercultural activities, Dogwood City Chapter became the second chapter in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Today Dogwood City Chapter has 80 members. Members are especially proud of their involvement in the activities that benefit primarily the City of Atlanta, but also reach beyond the continental USA. We are unified and strong in the knowledge that our membership in friendship and service can make a difference. The Dogwood City Chapter’s members are bonded by a chain of friendship and committed to improving the quality of life for others, particularly those of African descent.

Dogwood City (GA) Chapter Members

Dogwood City (GA) Charter Members

Billye Aaron Pamela Hayling Hoffman
Jamilla Gibson Bell Lorraine Hunter
Veronica Biggins Rosemary Phillips
Sara Blackburn Pamela Robinson
Leteria Clemons Jacquelyn Sampson
Brenda Hill Cole Dianne Washington
Gail DeCosta Anita Thomas Whatley
Glenda Hatchett Evonne Yancey

Southern Area Division

Links Headquarters

Linked in FriendshipConnected by Service


All of our members are passionate about serving the community and proud to be selected into the Links Sisterhood. Let's see what our members have to say about our dynamic organization and chapter.